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Sacyr Construcción and Sadyt have been awarded the contract for project design and construction of the Ibiza Wastewater Treatment Plant for a value of 24,6 million euros

Madrid, 25th October 2016.-The Directorate General of Water of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has awarded the consortium signed by Sacyr Construcción and Sadyt the contract for the project design and construction of the WWTP of Ibiza, municipalities of Ibiza, San Antoni de Portmany y SantaEularia des Riu (Balearic Islands).

The contract value is 24.6 million euros with a delivery schedule of 33 months comprising the following features:

-     Design of a new WWTP in a new location maintaining the current collection and discharge points by building a Pump Station in the current WWTP site. The pumping will be capable to pump up to 99 metres and a distance of 4.710 metres.

-     The New WWTP will be designed for 148.400 P.E and an average flow of 26.784 m3/d. The biological Treatment will be based on an activated sludge process with nutrients removal (N and P) followed by a tertiary treatment for reusing the treated water.  The sludge will be stabilized by an Anaerobic Digestion and Dewatered to get a 25% of dryness. The new WWTP will provide a high level of flexibility and low operational and maintenance costs by bringing the option to operate with independent lines.  In case of emergency the water will be treated at least by a chemical process.

With this award, Sadyt expands and consolidates its local market presence as part of its local development strategy based on design and construction of waste water treatment plants, as well as the presence of the full water cycle in the Balearic Islands.