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  • AIADHESA (Asociación de Industrias Alicantinas de Helados y Derivados, S.A)

AIADHESA (Asociation of Alicantinian industry of Ice creams and Derivates) was born in 1972 due to the iniciative of a small group of 35 companies dedicated to the ice cream fabrication. This union grew to keep the business when the big multinational entered Spain.

AIADHESA agglutinates over 240 ice cream makers and is the leader of Alacant Group with commercial delegations in Alicante, Valencia and Seville. The company has also a commercial deparment in Germany. Currently the capital is 100% Spanish and is the first national manufacturer on producing and selling volume.

During the year 2010-2011 the Research and Development department split into a new company called KH Alacan Innova, S.L.U (KHAI)

  • Research Group of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Alicante 

Research Group of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Alicante works since 1980 studying matter transfer processes, using the holographic interferometry as a tool to see the changes on concentrations. During recent years they have been studying the matter transport through membranes.

Initially they studied the diffusion process, both in liquids and gels. The results of these investigations are 5 articles in international magazines and 1 national and also 7 communications in congresses.

Since 1990, the research group works in the membrane separation process. The developed investigation study the polarization in membranes due to the concentration and the fouling during ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes to eliminate inorganic salts.

  • Water and Ambiental Science University institute of University of Alicante 

Water and Ambiental Science University institute of University of Alicante was created due to the 25/1991 Decree of the Valencia Government, February 4th, to improve the knowledge and application of the hydraulic resources and the environment.

  • Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS (FILTRALITE).

The Saint-Gobain Weber is the leading premix and exclay producer and provider of premix plants and machinery in Europe with more than 100 plants in some 30 countries. 10.000 employees contribute to an annual turnover exceeding about 2 billion EUR.

The Saint-Gobain Weber manufactures lightweight aggregates that are sold as finished products or are used to manufacture blocks and assembly units. Lightweight aggregates products are used as filling material for road projects, other geotechnical purposes, insulation, building blocks and chimneys, and also for water purification.

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