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Odor project objetives

The main objective of this project is to develop odor treatment techniques which provide more efficient and viable solutions than conventional treatments.

This project faces to several technological challenges

  • Determination of the most appropriate combination of technology for the removal of over 80% of odors produced during an industrial process and a water industrial treatment.
  • Use of a filler material currently targeted water filtration as filler material for air biofiltration process. 
  • Incorporation of nanoparticles in odor treatment processes for more efficient removal of the causative agents. 
  • Determination of the environmental impact of different deodorization processes, calculation of carbon footprint.

The specific technical objectives that need to be developed are:

  • Olfactory and Structural Characterization of the predominant compounds in both industrial and water purification process. Dynamic simulation diagnosis associated ventilation systems.
  • Development of technologies for high efficiency removal of odor-generating compounds (over 80%), and its application to processes by modifying odor treatment technologies already exist:
    • Design and development of a bioscrubber, a photoreactor and a nanoparticles reactor from the modification of a deodorization system for chemical cleaning.
    • Design and development of a biofiltration system by using novel materials and combinations of these.
  • Analysis of technical feasibility, economic and environmental impacts of different technologies depending on the emission sources identified and developed treatment systems. 

This project will be done by two companies:

  • SADYT, leader company in construction and operation of sewage treatment plants. It is interested to find its own odor technology to get a very high advantage with its competitors.
  • KHAI, leader in the manufacture of ice cream. It is interested to find and develop technology solutions which permits minimize its environmental impact.

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