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Work plan

  • Task 1: Study odour characterization and behavior in an industrial facility and its WWTP 
- Determine odour emission sources by dynamic olfactometry.

- Sampling of emissions: passive and active sampling. Analysis by gas chromatography

- Study of ventilation systems by simulation and computational fluid dynamics (DCF).

  • Task 2: Development of different high-efficiency technologies for odour abatement at pilot scale
  • Task 3: Validation of technologies

- Sampling and analyzing in pilot plants to determine removal efficiency of every technology for every compound. Analysis by gas chromatograph and continuous monitoring  by specific analyzers (SH2, NH3, NO, NO2, NOX).

- Comparative study of different technologies

- Simulation of technology for the full factory and WWTP

- Determine the cycle life of process

- Modelling dispersion of contaminants/ air quality (CALPUFF). 

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