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Sacyr Sadyt is the water treatment company belonging Sacyr Group.

Sacyr Sadyt main speciality is Desalination, both in design and construction and in O&M, being in the Top Ten major companies of the world in this sector. Sadyt has proven experience in the successfully supply of large plants all over the world, with more than 1.6 millions of m3/day installed by Reverse Osmosis and the largest plant of the world with Electrodialysis Reversal (200,000 m3/day), in countries such as Spain, Israel, Australia, Algeria, Chile, Tunis, etc,  and in expansion all over the world.

Sacyr Sadyt has also in stalled numerous drinking water treatment plants as well as wastewater treatment plants, both by conventional methods as well as by membrane technologies, such as MBR. Likewise, there is a wide experience in the installation of tertiary treatments and reuse plants for agriculture, industry, golf courses, etc.

Also numerous industrial plants have been designed for the production of process water in thermal power plants, oil refineries or food processing industries, including the production of ultrapure water by means of electrodeionization (EDI) and other technologies such as electrochlorination or MBRs for effluent treatment.